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In this guide to Oahu, Hawaii, we give you everything you need to know for a fantastic trip to this stunning island. If you feel like visiting this island paradise, you will immediately see why we are going to O Honolulu Hawaii.

After a few days getting used to the pace of paradise and seeing the sights of Oahu, take a short flight to other islands where you can really start your voyage of discovery to Hawaii. If you want to explore the islands, you need to fly to Hawaii to sunbathe on Waikiki Beach for a weekend. We did our best to make it to Waika Beach, but if you stay on O Honolulu Hawaii, you might as well stay and explore this island.

We made the trek to Diamond Head for the first time on our first day on O Honolulu Hawaii and on the last day of our trip to Oahu.

The beach at Ala Moana Park is also a great beach to enjoy while escaping the madness of Waikiki Beach. Other worthwhile destinations on Oahu include Ala Moanas Park, Waipahu Beach and Waialua Beach Park on Hawaii's Big Island.

Once you've had enough of the beaches, head to Central O'ahu and visit the pineapple fields to see where the classic Hawaiian treats come from. If you want to experience real Hawaiian culture and learn more about the history and culture of Oahu's most popular tourist destination, look no further than Waialua Beach Park on Big Island.

Hawaii's most populous island is also one of the most lively, with its harbor and historic Waikiki Beach. Hawaii's Big Island, the third largest Hawaiian island, is home to the largest coral reef in the world and the largest number of coral reefs in the Pacific.

Oahu is the second largest island in the state of Hawaii and the third largest in the Big Island, located 10 minutes from downtown Honolulu. If you want to drive exclusively to Waikiki and do not want to explore the rest of the island, you have a good chance of being only 30 minutes away from the airport. Oahu and Hawaii are very close together, so you can travel together on O Hawaii, even if it is only a few hours away.

If you don't have much time on Oahu, here's how you can make the "Oahu North Shore Drive" in one day. Start in Hunauma Bay, southeast of O Hawaii, drive to Honolulu, pick up your rental car and you will be back later.

Maui is a big city feeling with over 150,000 residents, but when you leave Waikiki to explore other parts of the island, you'll forget to experience a more relaxed Hawaii. Halfway across Kauai, this island is a paradise for day-trippers who crave day-trippers.

While your time on Oahu is much shorter, you can see how to incorporate the highlights into your 3-day O Hawaii tour. Use our guide to create a list of the best things to do in and around O Honolulu at the most popular tourist spots on the island.

No matter where you stay, when you go, what you do and when you do Gogo, the best restaurants, bars, shops, restaurants and hotels in O Honolulu.

If you are on Oahu for 2 weeks, you won't be able to do all these things, but with Hawaii Bound you will get the best of both worlds in O Hawai'i travel and travel experiences in Hawaii.

My favorite part of Oahu is the north coast, so I recommend you stay there at least a few days, but not in any other part of the island. I'd love to go back to O'Hare and stay in one of their hotels or stay on Airbnb. When you return to Hawaii and know more about it, you can choose to stay with us or not to do so if you do not stay in the other parts of the islands.

My Oahu route is very fast and involves a lot of driving, so if you're out and about with a surfboard, it's definitely worth it. The scenery around O Hawaii is beautiful, and since it is a relatively small island and you want to explore it on your own, renting a car is probably the way to go.

It's incredible to have a city as big as Honolulu on the island, and the Waikiki can be fantastic for spending time. You don't have to look too far to Oahu to experience the rich culture of Hawaii, unlike anything else in the world.

Since Oahu is home to so many cultures, there is a lot of great food to eat, and if your budget allows, there are plenty of restaurants, bars, cafes and restaurants in the Waikiki area, as well as a lot of great hotels.

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More About Oahu