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REALTORS (r) Honolulu Board of Directors reports that the Oahu real estate market will end in a surge in sales and re-listings in 2020. The average square foot price of a single-family home in Hawaii is more than $1,400, according to a report by the Maui Real Estate Bureau, and billions of real estate investments have poured in from the state in recent years, according to a new report by the Hawaii Real Estate Board.

If you want to stay close to the resorts, you'll find some of the cheapest apartments in the Waikiki area, priced at $1,500 to $2,000 per square foot, according to a report by Maui Real Estate Bureau. Just east of Waikaiki, there are a number of affordable single-family homes that sell for less than $3,200 per square foot.

A slew of new shops, shopping and restaurants will surely be called Midtown, and you'll see some of Honolulu's newest homes. Guarded townhouses and sprawling cliff-top homes overlook the city's most popular tourist attractions, including Waikiki Beach Resort and the Oahu Museum of Art.

Rest assured that the properties on Oahu are as diverse as the people there, with lifestyle options for all tastes. Here you will find everything from luxury apartments and townhouses in the heart of the city to small city bungalows on the south coast. Whether you live in the country on the north coast of O Hawaii or as a city dweller in Honolulu, there is something for everyone.

The market report notes that most sales are completed in the first half of the year as residents stay at home for important activities. The island also offers a wide range of rental properties, from $1 million to $2 million. If you're looking for a house with plenty of space and good value for money, Oahu has it for you. Rental listings account for about 12 percent of all condos, with leases being the second most popular type of residential property on the island after condos.

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Prices for Oahu land are expressed by the number of acres of land available for purchase and the average price per square foot. The easing is designed to protect existing homeowners "property and also helps to encourage the growth of residential and commercial properties on Oahu and the development of new residential properties.

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