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The Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel on Oahu was the brainchild of Henry J. Kaiser. Staying in Grand Waikikian was challenging news for the Hilton hotels in Hawaii, but there was no need to build a large wellness center in Waikiki.

There is also the Four Seasons Maui, which is one of the best of the four seasons in Hawaii. Hilton Grand Vacations offers a wide selection of hotels and resorts in Oahu, Hawaii and the Big Island. Although it is not the "best value" in terms of points, it is something very special, as it offers so much more than just hotels.

The island is decorated in all rainbow colors and hosts a variety of corporate-owned and managed hotels and resorts, including the Hilton Hawaiian Village Resort, Grand Islander Hilton Waikiki and Hilton Hawaii. There are a number of hotels on Hawaii's Big Island, most of them at the Hilton Hawai'i Village Resort, but also some in Honolulu, such as the Hokulani WaIKiki Grand Islanders Hilton, which is just a short walk away.

At the back of the hotel there is an entrance from which you can walk to the beach and Hilton Waikiki Village. Staying near this resort, you will find the Honolulu Zoo and WaIKiki Aquarium, located in Kapiolani Park, fun for families and children. The Rainbow Revue and the fireworks on the night of July 4-5 and the fireworks on July 5 are worth a visit. Take a look at this map of the different areas of Waixiki Beach you want to see.

Exchange the towel cards you receive for beach towels and check in where you can exchange them for a beach towel.

The Hilton Honors program is one of the best hotel point options, and many Hilton hotels in Hawaii qualify. In addition, you are entitled to an annual free weekend night certificate, which you can use at any Hilton hotel worldwide. Amex also offers you the option to use up to $1,000 of your credit or debit card points for a free trip to Hawaii. You can also use it in Hilton hotels in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Hawaii has resorts like Waikoloa Beach Resort and Oahu has the HGVClub Lagoon Tower. Hawaii has hotels such as Kona, O'ahu, Kauai, Maui, Molokai and Kilauea, as well as a resort in Waix, Hawaii, including the Waipahu Beach resort. Hawaii and its large island, which includes the Waiko Loa Beach Resort and a Kilo-sized hotel.

Hilton Garden Inn Waikiki Beach is also located on the beach and is a good choice for those who want to stay on Oahu. Doubletree is located at Waipahu Beach Resort, just blocks from the HGVClub Lagoon Tower, and it is also located on a beach.

Unfortunately, these hotels are not located on the beach, so you have to walk to the golden sands of Waikiki Beach. Those who are excited to enter WaIKiki Beach and are looking for a true Hawaiian experience will have to find out which of the two places is the better. Hilton's Waixiki option is the Hilton Garden Inn, where you can book a one-room pull-out suite and stay in the hotel's private pool area, just blocks from Waipahu Beach Resort. Unfortunately, this hotel is not close to the beaches, but Hilton Waika Beach will be cheaper.

Founded in 1904, the Waikiki Aquarium is located in the heart of the city, right next to the living reef, and has been managed by the University of Hawaii since 1919. Located in the heart of Waiki, Hilton Waika Beach, formerly known as Hiltonwaika Prince Kuhio, caters for all the needs of leisure and business travelers. With 3,543 guest rooms, this Hilton Hawaiian Village is the largest corporate property in Hawaii, with a total hotel space of 4,500 square feet.

HGVC Apartments also include Hilton Waika Beach, Kalia Beach Resort and Waikiki Resort & Spa.

Active guests traveling to Oahu should check out Doubletree by Hilton Waika Beach Resort and Waikiki Resort & Spa. If you fly to Honolulu (HNL) and drive directly to the resort in Waikiki, you will not miss any of the other islands. Hana is spectacular, and while you are there, head to Kona, which is a short drive from the hotel and a few miles from Waiki. Accommodation and game packages are available at all participating hotels in the Honolulu region and throughout the state of Hawaii.

Although your room is not quite as great as the rest of the resort, you have the best pool facilities in the Hawaiian Islands. Ocean view overlooking Waikiki and you can behave on the beach overlooking Kona, Hana and the Big Island of Hawaii.

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