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I was on Oahu this summer for the first time because there are a lot of traditional Hawaiian dishes on the different islands that make up Hawaii. That's why this post is called "The Things You Eat in Hawaii and the Things You Eat in Hawaii," and that's a must - try it. I've been browsing the islands to bring you a list of 10 restaurants, from casual to exclusive, from casual to casual and exclusive. There are not many restaurants on the north coast of Oahu, but there are a few that are worth mentioning.

Poke is extremely popular in Hawaii and is one of the most delicious foods on Oahu, especially if you love fish. At Ono Seafood in O Hawaii, they are famous for having the most authentic and melting punch in all of Hawaii. One thing I took with me from Hawaii was Bebe, a raw fish salad made from raw salmon, tuna, crab, shrimp and a host of other fish. From a superb burger to a huge salad, from fish and chips to sushi and more, there's everything. As much as I love everything about Japan and Japanese food, I love the food on Oahu.

Asian food is one of the things Oahu does best, but I also found that it's not really "Hawaiian" food. It goes perfectly with the shaved ice cream and other Hawaiian foods that are only available in Hawaii.

If you want to try Hawaiian grilled chicken, there's no better time than on Oahu, so I'll just cut straight to the chase. If you plan to visit Hawaii soon, I hope that this list of the best things you can eat, from time to time O Hawaii will seduce your taste buds and prepare you for visiting other places in the United States. Whether you are a foodie traveling to O'ahu or someone just looking for the good restaurants in Waikiki, you can't go wrong with anything. I have seen and eaten a lot and I am sure that when you visit O Honolulu you will eat a lot.

Hawaiian pizza is forgotten in Hawaii, but if you get it, there is a place to do it, and I recommend you share one of their pizzas as an appetizer.

Whenever I'm on the north coast of Oahu, I can't get enough of Lapperts, because it's literally the headquarters to go to. If you are in O Hawaii and feel tropical, make sure you stop by Green World Coffee Farm to sample some of their baked goods, which are also delicious. So if you're going on a day trip to the north coast from Waikiki or even just from the south coast, I suggest taking a few minutes to relax and enjoy the Hawaiian air, enjoy everything and try the Hapa Brownies.

They also have a nature store attached to the Royal Hawaiian Center, and there are several Banan locations across the island, including one in Waikiki and one on Honolulu's north shore itself. These restaurants are located in the major tourist areas of Oahu, including Waikiki, the North Shore and Honolulu Proper.

If you're after hours of exploring the beautiful island of Oahu, these places are just the place for you. If you ever drive to the north coast of Oahu, you should check out the Kahuku Superette, and a visit to Matsumoto's would not be complete without a visit there. It is obligatory to visit one of the many restaurants in Waikiki, the Royal Hawaiian Center or Honolulu Proper, but if you visit one of them, you also have some really good options waiting in the last town known as Hawaii Quay before you set off.

The good vibes are exuding in this cheerful, bright yellow cabin, and if you're looking for something different from the usual Hawaiian food in Hawaii, this is the place to be. So there you have it, for sure, No matter where you go to get a bite to eat in Hawaii, rice is guaranteed to be there at this point. This will make your hunger dreams come true, but there are many other places to visit in the city of Honolulu.

In this secluded - and beaten - part of Honolulu, you'll find Helena's, which has served authentic Hawaiian dishes since 1946. Helena's Hawaiian food, while not particularly chic, is still a Michelin-starred place, responsible for codifying traditional Hawaiian cuisine as we know it. Located in the heart of the city, next to the Honolulu Museum of Natural History, this restaurant serves fresh Hawaiian cuisine.

If you fancy a great breakfast on Oahu, Sweet E Cafe and Liliha Bakery are great places to start, but if you want to show your taste buds the more traditional stuff, there's no better place to start. If you're fed up with the beaches, head to Central O'ahu and visit the pineapple fields to see where the classic Hawaiian treats come from. Helena's is also a place to visit if you want to experience the traditional Hawaiian food as it was traditionally eaten by the Hawaiians.

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