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We share what we believe is the hottest topic in the minds of people who visit our website is how to find a job in Hawaii. The best way to find a job in Hawaii is to be part of one of the largest job exchanges in the United States, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME).

Many of you have asked us if we can easily find a job, and generally we will look for local candidates first. However, Hawaii is facing a shortage of skilled and skilled IT professionals, forcing employers to look for candidates from the mainland.

This means that only people who really want to live in Hawaii will spend the time and effort that would make them better on the mainland, and in most cases take a serious pay cut while living here. This great demand is there and we are doing everything to ensure that you get a job quickly. Do you spend all your hard-earned savings on living expenses or just forget about everything that could be done and concentrate 100% on finding your job?

You can enter the search for a nursing job in Hawaii by going to and using the "Search for a nursing job" or "What kind of position do you want?" buttons on the right side of the page.

If you want to use a recruitment company, you can find the Oahu recruitment service on Yelp here. If you want to see a review of a Hawaii company on Yelp, if it's listed there, have a look.

My last piece of wisdom for job seekers is to perhaps get to know a software consulting firm that works with Hawaiian companies, as they regularly fill vacancies with Hawaiian companies.

To explore the opportunities available and become a partner of our vision, please contact us, create an account and apply for vacancies on our career page, or contact us to explore the vision and / or become a partner. You can also click on the image below to see how the site looks like. Please note that teaching positions are not advertised, but we always accept applications for teaching positions. To apply for a job in this department, visit the Job Opportunities website (more) to see the current job availability. Click on this tab for a link to the posted position; you can also click on the images below, which show a look at some of the pages I have viewed.

I don't know how many employers are actually looking there to find employees, but nothing can really hurt, so do everything you can to make sure you get a job quickly. You have plenty of time before you arrive, and you should still save something and do everything mentioned in this article to ensure that jobs are available as soon as possible after your arrival on Oahu.

The next thing I have to tell you is that the probability of not finding a job in time is high and you definitely need to apply to find one. If you have the skills and determination, you will be able to move to Hawaii with your savings and be hired. Finding jobs in Hawaii is not always difficult, but you have to have an excellent rescue plan if you realize that you won't pull it off, especially if you're not set up as quickly as on a less populated island like Hawaii. I plan to move to Oahu first and find work there to pay the bills, though I would rather live on the less populated Big Island.

These jobs are very easy to get and probably not ideal for 99% of us, but some people excel at these jobs and thrive in them.

These jobs are relatively easy to find on Oahu: marketing for hotels, tourism companies, and even as part-time employees in a local restaurant or bar.

If you have experience with reservations, either by telephone or in person, you have a good chance of finding work on the island without much difficulty. Sales is one of those jobs where I can assure you that you will get a job within a few days of arriving on this island. If someone sees you on Craigslist and asks you for a new sales representative, call them. You don't have to fly to Oahu and fly back to the US to find a job quickly, as long as you have experience of making a reservation by phone.

Many companies advertise job vacancies there or search for jobs on jobs, which is said to be one of the most popular job search sites on the island.

Recently I was contacted by an employer who could not find a local candidate, but there are many IT jobs on the island, and they are usually website developers and network technicians. IT is so diverse that while you are in Hawaii, you might get a job on the mainland if your company allows IT staff to work from home or even on the mainland. The full range is available on Oahu and there can be an office environment and the pay is not great, so IT fields are working both on O Hawaii and outside and in Honolulu.